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Have a Great Summer With a New AC System

New HVAC system outside of house

During the summer, the last thing you want to think about is a non-working air conditioner. Yet, it happens often. Sometimes systems are older and simply need to be replaced because they are no longer efficient or economical to run. Other times, you may find yourself having to call out a technician often to get the system back up and running. At some point, you have to consider whether a replacement is the best decision. You do not have to make that decision alone. When you call for air conditioning repair in Reno, NV, talk to the technicians about the benefits of upgrading or if repairs are good enough.

Consider a few of the most common signs that it may be better to start the summer with a new air conditioning system.

It’s Failing Often

If your existing system is not keeping your home cool or has stopped working altogether, it may be time for a replacement. Repair technicians can do a great job getting systems operational again, but some require a lot of expensive work and hard-to-find components. If that is the case in your situation, it may be time to talk about how affordable it is to replace the existing model.

It’s Older Than 10 Years and No Longer Efficient

If your system is running reliably, age does not matter. It may be a good sign that you have maintained it well. However, older models are inefficient. For that reason, if your system is not working well and your energy costs are rising each month, it may be the perfect time to discuss an upgrade. New models are 10 to 20 percent more efficient than those from a decade or so ago, and sometimes more. If you have a very old system, you certainly can see some savings each month with an upgrade.

It’s Loud and Sounds Concerning

Another sign to look for is the way the air conditioner sounds. It is very common for older systems or those that are poorly maintained to develop loud sounds. These can indicate something is wrong with the system.

  • Banging sounds are often a sign of a loose component within the system.
  • Whistling sounds could mean the refrigeration is leaking.
  • A rattling sound could mean that a belt is snapped.

In some situations, the sounds do not improve over time, even with repairs. The entire AC unit can also become louder every time you operate it. When this type of situation happens, have a technician come out to inspect it. If the problem is significant and expensive, the better option may be to replace it.

The best way to know if you need a new air conditioner is to ask your technician. All fair and honest professionals will only make a recommendation for a new system if it is the best option in the long term for your home and your overall AC use.

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