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What Your Heater Needs This Winter

Are you wondering what your heater needs for the winter season? We’re still in the late fall range although the temperatures are really starting to cool off. If you’re trying to get your home prepared for the cold weather, then you’re already in the right spirit. We want to help you get the best possible winter heating services. 

If you’re looking for great heating in Reno, NV, then we’re the team that can help you. There are quite a few relatively simple tips you can implement which can make a huge difference in your home comfort. It’s always easy as long as we’re by your side to help you with the services you require.

Game-Changing Heating Tips

Here are a few heating tips that you can try out this winter for your home heating needs.

1. Choose a Responsible Thermostat Setting

The first thing we want you to do is to choose a responsible thermostat setting for your home. Sometimes, people can shuffle in from cold temperatures, run right over to the thermostat, and choose a temperature that’s extra toasty. Extra toasty might look good on the thermostat display, but in reality, it’s probably way too high and it’s going to overwork your heater and have you sweating. Choose a mild setting in between 68 and 70-degrees and allow your thermostat to heat up instead. 

2. Open Your Curtains and Blinds

Opening up your curtains and blinds during the height of the day allows the sunlight to slowly increase the internal temperature of your home. Any extra warmth counts during this time of year. Make sure you’re doing your part to help your home heat you. 

3. Conserve Energy At Night

Even if you want to sleep with your heater on throughout the night, there’s no reason to sleep with it on full blast. We suggest keeping your thermostat temperature between 60 and 66-degrees during this time.

4. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Maintenance from professionals is the only way we suggest that you prepare your heater for winter. We can pinpoint any potential problems knock them out on the spot. Maintenance is something that we can help you with. Contact us to learn more about our maintenance program today.

5. Reverse the Flow of Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be used during the winter season too. If you want to get yours involved, the first step is reversing the direction that the fan blades go. Once you reverse the direction they spin, the ceiling fan can be used to push the warm air collecting at your ceiling down into your living space.

6. Consider Your Home’s Humidity Level

If your home doesn’t have balanced humidity, then it isn’t going to be warm enough. This is why it’s worthwhile to invest in proper indoor air quality services for your home. 

7. Invest in a High-Tech Thermostat

When was the last time you upgraded your home’s thermostat? If it’s been a while, then it’s time for you to upgrade now. New Wi-Fi and smart thermostat models are great because they can eliminate user error and even prompt more energy efficiency usage. 

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